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What We Believe

Statement of Purpose and Covenant

We acknowledge that the Bible is the only infallible (trustworthy) Word of God and that all people of every race are made in the image of the Triune God, and that all people without exception are in need of being reconciled to God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and through His work alone for salvation.

The purpose, therefore, of Liberty Church is: to worship, praise and enjoy the Lord our God, our Creator and Redeemer through the faithful proclamation of the whole counsel of God and the proper administration of the sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). We endeavor to share the good news of Christ in our community and world; to disciple the converts; to equip the people of God for service in His church and world; to minister in the name of Christ to emotional and spiritual needs of others; to train and teach our covenant children; and to build up one another in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

To this purpose we do hereby covenant ourselves to the glory of God and for the peace and purity of the church.