Missions Committee Vision Statement

A Missions Program that communicates to the congregation the needs of the missionaries and other ministries we support; one that would encourage the body to become actively involved in the work of missions and encourage the members of Liberty to consider the call to missions.

Missions Committee Statement of Purpose

  • To encourage the church to become mission-minded with a vision to reach the world for Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage our own members to go on the mission field.
  • To support both foreign and home missions.
  • To support a wide-range of ministries (church planting, support missions and evangelistic missions.)
  • To pray for our missions and individual missionaries on a regular basis.

Missions Sundays

Held on a quarterly basis, Missions Sundays are an opportunity to focus on missions and learn more about missionaries, missions organizations, and other ministries. The Sunday School hour is reserved for missions updates and missionary talks in the main sanctuary. Also, missionaries may visit childrens Sunday School classes, or briefly address the congregation during the worship service.

Mission Organizations of the Presbyterian Church in America

Mission to the World (MTW)
Mission to the World is the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, helping to fulfill the Great Commission by advancing Reformed and covenantal church-planting movements through word and deed in strategic areas worldwide.

Mission to North America (MNA)
Mission to North America serves PCA churches and presbyteries as they advance God’s Kingdom in North America by planting, growing and multiplying Biblical healthy churches through the development of intentional evangelism and outreach ministries.

Missionaries and Ministries Supported by Our Church

Foreign Missionaries

Craig and Ree Coulbourne
Richard and Robin Crane
Richard and Angelica Ramsay
Steve and Berenice Rarig
Hugh and Martine Wessell
Kevin and Lori Chilton
Wayne and Ann Curles
Brad and Margarita Wallace

Mission to The World (MTW) – Japan
MTW – USA/Brazil
MTW/FLET/MINTS – Latin America
MTW – Australia
MTW – England
MTW/FLET/MINTS – Latin America
MTW – Australia
MTW – France

MTW – USA/Japan
Wycliffe – San Andres
Wycliffe – Cameroon
CRM – Eastern Bloc Countries

In addition to the above missionaries, Liberty also supports other missionaries who are working in fields where great sensitivity is required.

Local Missions