The PCA Foundation is a ministry that provides charitable financial services to members and friends of the PCA. These services, which facilitate both current and deferred giving, help them to fulfill their stewardship responsibilities and carry out their charitable desires. The PCA Foundation’s services include the Advise and Consult Fund® (a donor-advised fund), Endowments, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Estate Design and Bequest Processing.

As you address year-end tax planning and charitable gifting issues and opportunities, please consider how the PCA Foundation might be a resource to you. Some of the PCA Foundation services, especially the Advise and Consult Fund®, may help to accomplish your gifting desires, and at the same time, help to reduce your current income taxes. The PCA Foundation is available to help you in these areas of concern. For further information, visit the PCA Foundation’s website at or call them at 1-800-700-3221.