March 27 Update from Pastor Nathan


Dear Liberty Church,

This quarantine has lasted less than two weeks now; I don’t know about you, but it feels much longer than that! Life has altered unrecognizably for many. Those with children are adjusting to completely new schedules, and embarking on the challenge of homeschooling perhaps for the first time. For some, the economic effects are starting to mount, as evidenced by the over 3 million Americans who filed for unemployment this past week. An underlying fear and concern are ever-present realities. For all of us, uncertainty seems to be paramount, as businesses close, as the death rate rises, and as mixed signals from government and elected officials contradict one another on the expected duration of this quarantine (will it be over by Easter, or July??).

In the midst of all that is transpiring around us, there is, in fact, a consistent question amongst everyone, everywhere: “When will this all end?”

The life of David, as contained in Scripture, gives us hope. David was a man who knew suffering and hardship. Hiding in a cave from those who sought his life, he knew isolation as well. Quarantined from family and friends, from the kingdom and from the promises of God that were rightfully his, David penned Psalm 13, and he begins his psalm with words that resonate in our day: “How long, O LORD?”

As David struggled with the duration of his suffering, he could have succumbed to despair. “How long, O Lord?” could have easily morphed into, “You are not here, O God!”
But it didn’t. Why? V.5 gives us the answer: “But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.”

Despite the pain of his circumstances, David lifted his eyes to the hills, and there he saw the God of his salvation, a salvation that does not waver, a salvation that does not falter, a salvation, that is most definitely not, uncertain. Keep your eyes on the God of your salvation, for He has indeed dealt bountifully with you!


As we brace ourselves for another week of COVID-19 related adjustments, I want to remind you of an exciting development, and that is, we finally get to worship together, though still not in person. The video of our service will be on the Liberty church website ( on the very front page. All you will need to do is open the website at 10:45am, and hit the play button that you will see. Then, come back at 6:00pm to the same page, and hit the play button again for the evening service. That’s it! I am excited to preach to you all, and the pastors and elders are trusting that this time of worship will greatly encourage God’s people, as we keep our eyes of faith on Christ and His promises to us!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nathan

P.S. If you have friends who attend a church that does not currently have their sermons live streamed, please direct them to our website that they may worship with us.