May 16 Update from Pastor Nathan


Dear Liberty Church,

Last week in my update to you all, I wrote that we would likely experience some whiplash from the back and forth concerning reopening; boy, did that come true this week! In what seemed like a sudden move, Maryland began to reopen much of the state this past Friday, including churches. The Session quickly called a meeting to discuss the rollout of our re-opening plan, only to suddenly find out on Thursday that Baltimore County had exempted themselves and would not be reopening, which includes our church. My neck is a little sore from all the whiplash!

This word ‘suddenly’ has been a theme these past few days (and I imagine will be a theme for a few more!), and interestingly, it is also the theme of the upcoming passage from Luke 21 that I will be preaching on this Sunday. Jesus had just finished teaching at the Temple, when all of a sudden He shifts the discourse to the topic of His return. There are a number of ‘sudden’ events that take place leading up to the Second Advent: wars, pestilence, signs from heaven, the capture of Jerusalem, etc…And then the greatest sudden event in all of history will occur: “And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

With all of the suddenness that will accompany Christ’s return, isn’t it beautiful what He says immediately after: “When these things begin to take place, STRAIGHTEN UP AND RAISE YOUR HEADS, BECAUSE YOUR REDEMPTION IS DRAWING NEAR.” In other words, the King’s sudden return should not make His servants cower in fear and scamper into the shadows. No, when we hear of the King returning, we raise our heads and our eyes to heaven, welcoming Him and rejoicing in His coming. Why? Because, He is our God and He has found us going about our Master’s business!

Even in the suddenness of today’s world, let us continue doing our Lord’s will, holding on to the confidence that we have in Christ. For though the mountains give way, and the seas roar, it is upon Jesus whom we stand, the sure and solid Rock of our salvation, a Rock that will never suddenly give way.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nathan

As you are all aware, Baltimore County is not reopening on the same schedule as the majority of Maryland. With no announced time table, we are all in the dark when this could be, though it does seem to be imminent. Regardless, the Session is actively discussing a plan to reopen once we are given the green light, in order to make what will certainly be a difficult transition as seamless as possible. Please know that we will communicate to you all via email and the church website if any changes take place concerning live worship. As of now, we are continuing with virtual worship, same time and same place: your home!