September 4 Update from Pastor Nathan


Dear Liberty Church,

The Book of Acts teaches us that the disciples, while waiting for Pentecost, were of “one mind” and were “devoting themselves to prayer.” What strikes you as odd about this statement? Perhaps the idea of being of “one mind” is most peculiar, as it is often difficult for Christians to agree, especially 120 of them! Even more so, during this epidemic and civil unrest, it has become exceedingly difficult to be of one mind. My hope is that nothing would separate the Church from the unity found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the harmony that we possess as adopted children in the family of God!

But something else struck me while reading this passage: the disciples were devoted to prayer BEFORE the Holy Spirit came upon them. Even without the third person of the Trinity moving in their hearts, compelling them to pray, the disciples saw their need acutely. Their anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty were probably at a fever pitch, and they knew no where else to turn, but to the Lord in prayer.

We possess God the Holy Spirit, and yet do we devote ourselves to prayer like this? We certainly have many struggles, just as they did, much confusion about the future, just as they had, much pain over loss, just as they experienced. What do we turn to? Distractions? Entertainment? Anger?

For many Christians, it truly takes desperate circumstances before they turn our eyes to Christ and lift their hearts up to Him. This should not be the case; rather, praying “unceasingly” is the path to peace in our troubled times. May it be said about Liberty Church that we all are of “one mind, devoting ourselves to prayer,” that you would pray often, individually and corporately, and that God would hear our cries, and have mercy upon us.

We are once again partaking in communion this Sunday. For those coming in person, it will look much the same as last month, but for those who would like to celebrate the Lord’s Supper outside after the service, we are going to only have one service, 30 minutes after the benediction. So if the morning worship ends at 12:00, there will be one, outside communion service that will begin at 12:30, and we will serve everyone together. I look forward to celebrating the Lord’s Supper with you all!

In Christ,

Pastor Nathan