2023 Officer Nominations


Due by May 21, 2023, in person or via email, to Jack Huey (jd4.uh1@gmail.com)

From RE Glenn Cote:

I’d like to make an announcement, as my role as the Chairman of the Officer Nominating Committee. We will be accepting nominations for the office of Elder and Deacon, over the next five weeks. This is the congregation’s opportunity, to nominate, and have input regarding the leadership of the church. There are nomination forms in the back of the old and new sanctuary, and we have also posted a copy on-line, at the church website. They can be submitted to the Leadership Nominating Committee Clerk, Jack Huey, in person at church, or via email.

The culmination of this process is the election of officers at our January 2024 Congregational Meeting. But for now, the next immediate steps are as follows:

    1. Officer Nominations must be received by Sunday May 21, 2023.
    2. The Officer Nominating Committee (which the church elected) will review the nominations and make a recommendation to the Session.
    3. The Session will approve the list of men who will take the leadership training to stand for election.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Please look closely at the qualifications listed in Timothy and Titus, and use those qualifications to make any nominations. We have included a list of the qualifications on the back of the form.
  2. Please confirm that the candidate is willing to be considered, before you nominate them.
  3. The number of nominations a man receives is a criterion that will be used by the nominating committee, as it is an indicator if a man is recognized by the congregation as having the required qualifications, and as a potential leader.
  4. Please be sure to nominate a man for either the office of elder or deacon. An announcement will be made to the congregation regarding which men are entering the fall leadership class, and for which office they were nominated.
  5. Lastly, the session has voted to remove the previous restriction of nominating anyone on or related to the committee members.

Feel free to see me after the church service, call me, or email me with any questions.

Pertinent details are on the form. THANK YOU!

RE Glenn Cote